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Welcome! Please sit, sip and learn why I am in business with Keller Williams, and if YOU should be too! 

From Zero to 130,000 in just 35 years. The largest real estate franchise in North America, leap frogging over companies that had been in business more than twice as long.

Culture comes from the top of an organization. From the very beginning, the culture of Keller Williams was built on integrity and empowerment. It isn’t easy to shift the thinking of one individual from being dependent to being independent and yet this company has managed to shift the entire industry! What a powerful message. In recent years, as they began to notice the success of the KW business model, other brokerages have begun to throw around the term “agent-centric”. That is the core of the KW model, and yet it is a gross over simplification. 

Keller Williams is not a Real Estate company for whom 130,000+ agents work. We are a world class training organization, teaching entrepreneurs to create and build their own business in the discipline of Real Estate. The core beliefs could be applied to any service business. Imagine that, KW is teaching, empowering and facilitating me building my own business with no regard for the fact that there are still millions of people who couldn’t tell you what Keller Williams is or does. When did you last see a KW commercial on national television? Can’t remember? I know. You haven’t! This company overtook an industry where heavy hitters spend millions of dollars every year on advertising their brand. Those millions of dollars translate to corporate debt, something KW also does not do. Why should you care about that? Those advertising dollars come from the revenue generated by agent splits, fees and lead purchases. I don’t pay to advertise KW, I advertise my own business. Why is that remarkable? This company has made me independent of their brand. I advertise my business and can easily take my business anywhere I wish, anytime I like. KW isn’t afraid of losing me. We have built a culture, a family, that gives hard working, high minded agents a place they want to hang their license. I am in business with Keller Williams, I do not work for KW. Not every agent will find that empowering, and that’s okay. There is nothing bad about the original, dependent business model. The thing is, as we get further into the 21st century, many more of us crave the independence of the entrepreneurial world. There is absolutely room in the world for different ways of approaching business. This is why my teaser invited you to see IF you should be in business with KW too.

If you read this far and you are intrigued with building your own brand, you have earned a cup of coffee, my treat! Please let me know if you would like more information I’ll look forward to sitting with you to discuss any or all of the following:

  • I’m just starting out, I need name recognition
  • I’ll be retiring in two years, it doesn’t make sense to leave
  • Everybody offers training
  • Profit share is a pyramid scheme
  • Karen, you’re drunk on the punch
  • Your broker’s retirement plan (for your retirement, not theirs!)
  • How Keller Williams can help you build generational wealth
Keller Williams Realty
#1 in Agent Count
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#1 in Sales Volume
#1 in America "happiest Companies to work for) Forbes ranking
#1 in Training (All companies ranked by Training Magazine)




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In today's competitive market, you need a passionate, local advisor that can help you navigate the home buying and selling process. As a valued client, you'll receive:

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